[Video] Machine Learning and Big Data in Cyber Security

Source: Machine Learning and Big Data in Cyber Security Eyal Kolman Technion lecture
Speaker: by yal Kolman of RSA given at Technion-Israel Institute of Technoloy, Technion Computer Engineering summer school 2014


  • This video discusses about the challenging in applying machine learning to detect attacks. 
  • It also introduces 3 case studies of how to use machine learning in the domain of security.


  • High cost of errors
    • If the detection generates a lot of wrong alerts, then the detection is not useful.
  • Data is not public
    • Most of the security data are private
  • Semantic gam
    • Detection is not enough
  • Evaluation difficulty
    • There are few labels
    • There are few attacks

Case Studies

  • Detect inpersonation 
    • based on users behavior
    • locations
  • Detect fraud in bank account
  • Detect malicious domain
    • Events with cookies
    • Referral

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