Using real-time data to optimize your search ads

Gaps in search ads

Long Tail

  • Retailers today often have hundreds of thousands of products, but they only advertise on average of 49% of their inventory with search ads. Reason
    • Difficult to maintain so many keywords and bids on their own
    • They often don’t see the value of their long-tail inventory items

Real Data

Link purchases to ads

  • identify the impact of advertising 
    • on business goals like maximizing profitability or selling off inventory
  • improve ad targeting by
    • matching ads to products that consumers are most interested in
  • understand the value of brand and general terms in 
    • selling your highest margin or most important products
Justin Johnson, Paid Search Manager at Cabela’s explains
  • Having insights into where we spend our money, in additional to what people are looking for, has been invaluable in helping us make better decisions.
  • We have a better look into where we may not have adequate coverage, and are able to quickly make changes to address that. 
  • Being able to pull in margin data to see if certain keywords are better or worse at driving profitable traffic than we anticipated helps us be more thoughtful with our spend.

Machine-learning-powered Bid Strategy

  • Adjust bid strategies to respond quickly to the bids that deliver results.

Cross-device Conversion Tracking

  • helps bid optimization system make the most of your mobile traffic.

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