Build a Web Proxy in Amazon EC2


  • I already have an amazon ec2 instance (ubuntu) running in the cloud
What I do:
  • I choose to install tinyproxy
    • command: sudo apt-get install tinyproxy
  • Setup the IP you allowed for using the proxy
    • sudo vim /etc/tinyproxy.conf
    • unfortunately, tinyproxy does not support user authentication with username and password
  • Restart tinyproxy
    • sudo /etc/init.d/tinyproxy restart
  • Then you can setup your chrome to use the web proxy
    • it requires the IP address of your amazon ec2 instance and port (tinyproxy default port 8888) in setting up the web proxy

  • With this proxy, you will be able to have free internet even if you are in a country with Internet censorship