How can a Ph.D. student organize his paper

Ph.D. students often read a lot of papers, and papers might of different categories. For example, I am a Ph.D. student with research area in security focusing on moving target defense, the papers I read can be divided into different defense strategy

  • dynamic platforms
  • dynamic execution environment 
One way to organized the paper is to use Goolge Scholar.

Maintaining papers with Google Scholar

Step 1: search the paper using google scholar, and click the “save” item, then the paper will be saved to your library.
Step 2: add labels to the paper. Click on the paper in your library, and select the label.


  • “online-access” to it all the time.
  • You can sort the papers by year.
  • You can track who cite the papers and their citation number!


Estee Lauder – Nutritious – Vita-Mineral Moisture Cream



  • 采用萃取的红石榴精华。红石榴本身具有抗氧化功效,并且还蕴含着多种维他命、矿物质。


  • 我用的时候恰好是冬天,感觉很滋润。夏天用应该会太油。早晚都可以用,不搓泥。
  • 质地比较薄,很好推开。
  • 稍微有点提亮肤色的效果,尤其是刚刚擦上的时候。
  • 没有什么味道。


[HomeMade] 闽南肉粽


分量: 14个

  • 圆糯米 500g
  • 五花肉 300g
  • 莲子 28个
  • 香菇 28朵
  • 虾仁干 30g
  • 笋 100g
  • 芋头 200g


  • 糯米淘洗干净,提前泡两个小时
  • 香菇,莲子提前泡两个小时
  • 五花肉切块,下油煸至金黄,加入鲜酱油,调味。
  • 炒米。记得调味。炒至五成熟
  • 包粽子。取粽叶而散片并列互叠,折成尖底三角形漏斗状,先倒入糯米,再放其他材料,最上边再盖上糯米,收拢粽叶两端,包成四个角的立体型。用绳子捆扎四角及中腰。每15个扎成一串。
  • 煮粽子。高压锅20分钟。
  • 食用。佐以辣椒酱。

[VA 22030] Sushi Prince

Location: 10256 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22030


Rate: 80/100


  • Gyoza: Friend Pork Dumpling
    • Price: 5</li><li>Rate: 70/100</li></ul></ul><div style="clear: both; text-align: center;"><a href="" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;"><img border="0" height="400" src="" width="326" /></a></div><h2>Entries</h2><div><ul><li><b><gs ginger_software_uiphraseguid="8ddd8c5b-e836-48b6-aecb-532dba694e10"><gs ginger_software_uiphraseguid="58323c84-bc30-470c-b8c3-3b3fdbc37076"><gs ginger_software_uiphraseguid="6f7bc4c9-0c3b-4740-81f5-a1b818daa9e4">Uni</gs></gs></gs> don</b></li><ul><li>Price:20
    • Rate: 80/100
    • Time: 2016 Mar
  • Sashimi
    • Price: $20 ?
    • Rate: 80/100
    • Time: 2016 Mar